Cenaero's inhouse ParaView plugin for the visualization of high-horder solutions included in the ParaView sources and highlighted by Kitware


Kitware has recently highlighted in one of its blogs a new ParaView plugin developed at Cenaero which integrates Gmsh as an external library for the off-line post-processing and visualization of high-order solutions saved under the Gmsh format. This plugin combines respectively ParaView’s scalability in parallel and Gmsh’s ability to apply h-refinement of the initial mesh followed by the interpolation of any arbitrary high-order polynomial solutions on the resulting visualization grid. This coupling enables parallel visualization of massive high-order solution in parallel, in client-server mode. This plugin is particularly used in conjunction with the high-order multi-physics code Argo also developed at Cenaero. More information available from this link: https://blog.kitware.com/high-order-using-gmsh-reader-plugin-in-paraview/


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