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BELGIUM - Implementation of low-fidelity methods dedicated to the prediction of the steady loading of propellers in a pre-design framework (Ref.: BE-IP-2018-007) [6/04/2018]
BELGIUM - Comparison of surrogate models and data management in surrogate-based optimization (Ref.: BE-IP-2018-004) [21/02/2018]
BELGIUM - A polynomial chaos approach for global sensitivity analysis (Ref.: BE-IP-2018-005) [21/02/2018]
BELGIUM - Parameter tuning and control in Evolutionary Algorithms (Ref.: BE-IP-2018-006) [21/02/2018]
FRANCE - Stage développeur C++ (Ref.: FR-IP-2018-001) [21/02/2018]
BELGIUM - On the use of ordinal regression in surrogate-based optimization (Ref.: BE-IP-2018-002) [14/02/2018]
BELGIUM - Comparison of infill sampling criteria in surrogate-based optimization (Ref.: BE-IP-2018-003) [14/02/2018]