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BELGIUM - Development of multi-scale models for triaxially braided composites in wind turbine blades (Ref.: BE-IP-2017-012) [17/10/2017]
BELGIUM - THESIS - Optimization methodologies assisted by full-field multi-fidelity surrogate models and dedicated infill strategies applied to turbomachinery design (Ref. BE-TP-2017-001) [28/09/2017]
BELGIUM - A polynomial chaos approach for global sensitivity analysis (BE-IP-2017-001) [22/12/2016]
BELGIUM - Study of different genetic operators for surrogate-based Evolutionary algorithms (Ref.: BE-IP-2017-002) [22/12/2016]
BELGIUM - Comparison of infill sampling criteria in surrogate-based optimization (Ref.: BE-IP-2017-003) [22/12/2016]