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Applications Fields

Minamo is successfully applied to projects in domains such as:

  • Automotive
    • Tire structural properties optimization
    • Inverse analysis (e.g. material laws parameters identification)
    • Automotive fuel tanks shape optimization
  • Aeronautics
    • Turbine, compressors and fans blade shape aero-mechanical-acoustical-thermal optimization
    • Turbomachinery platforms shape optimization
    • Turbine cooling channels optimization
  • Space
    • Hybrid engine air-intake geometry optimization
    • Complete engine cycle optimization
    • Space Tourism vehicle configuration optimization
  • Manufacturing
    • Welding path optimization
    • Welding-machining induced distortion-warping minimization
  • Biomedical-Health
    • Optimization of proton beam - tumor shape for proton therapy
  • Aerostructure
    • Primary and secondary structures optimization for fatigue, weight, crack robustness, ...
  • Composite
    • Ply orientation and stacking optimization in structural parts
    • Mould spring back/in optimization
  • Marine
  • Civil engineering