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Civil engineering

Urban air flows modelling
  • Simulation of wind path lines and velocity
  • Impact on pedestrian comfort and safety
  • Influence of new constructions on surroundings
  • Analysis of aerosols or pollutant dispersion, etc.
Indoor simulations
  • Level of comfort
  • Airstream
  • Air quality
  • Thermal efficiency considering heat losses and solar gains
  • Room conditions depending on the environment (temperature, humidity, acoustics), etc.
HVAC systems
  • Dimensioning & positioning
  • Multiple systems optimization
  • Climatic conditions management, etc.
Civil structures study
  • Wind-structure interaction
  • Structural stability under extreme conditions
  • Long term fatigue and integrity analysis of concrete or metallic structures, also with potential crack propagation
  • Metallic or glass double skin walls simulations, etc.
Building materials modelling
  • Thermal insulation improvement
  • Fire resistance analysis
  • Tailored modelling of concrete reinforced with short steel fibres
  • Failure analysis of glazing, etc.
Structural design analysis and optimization of glazings and window frames
  • Materials selection following multi-physics objectives & constraints (transparency, thermal insulation, structural stiffness, strength, cost, water ingress, resistance to UV radiations, chemical degradation, etc.)
  • Thermal-mechanical design, optimization and analysis of multi-layer glazing and fittings with global objectives such as
    • Combined strength, low cost and low thermal transfer (thermal insulation)
    • Combined low cost and resistance to impact and propagation of cracks under cyclic loading
    • Good stability of surface defects
    • Combined strength (static and impact loading) and fire-resistance
    • Thermal shock resistance
  • Thermal-mechanical design, optimization and analysis of window frames with derivation of CHASSIS, thermal insulation – durability – strength – cost tradeoffs.
  • Structural design and assessment following international or European standards (eg Eurocode) 
  • Test structures and test samples / technical demonstrators
  • Dedicated glazing manufacturing process modeling 
Structural damage prediction in concrete elements reinforced with steel fibres
  • Detailed non-linear FE simulations of concrete elements reinforced with steel fibres : damage model selection, parameter identification and application to in-situ build floors, beams (linteaux, dalles coulés in-situ)
Large scale structural analysis on HPC infrastructure
  • Up to 50MDOFS FE simulations with material and geometrical non-linearities, macro-elements, bushings, contacts, volume elements, composite shells & volumic shells