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Structural design, analysis, optimization and integrity assessment of biomedical devices
  • Structural design of (non exhaustive list) 
    • elements of endovascular surgery (diverse stent configurations)
    • surgery equipments / chirurgical tools
    • intra-uterine mechanical – chemical contraceptive media
    • optimized prosthesis 
  • Reliability analysis and service life prediction of these elements following US (i.e. FDA recommendations) and European Standards
  • In service response analysis using state-of-the art simulation tools, recognized by international certification / homologation institutions
  • Materials selection (mechanical, chemical and thermal constraints, biocompatibility requirements, produceability, cost efficiency, availability, …)
Manufacturing processes
  • Manufacturing of prosthesis by rapid prototyping 
  • Manufacturing processes for medical parts (optimized needle, prosthesis, …)
  • Micro welding of chirurgical tools
  • Surface treatment

CFD-based analysis

  • Fluid dynamics & thermal analysis in medical machinery & components (incubators, blood flow machinery, dialisys, dispensers, spray, …)
  • Computer assisted drug design (CADD) optimization
  • Biomedical flows (blood, air…) modeling
  • Dosimetry & drug delivery systems optimization (best dispersion or target focus, dispensers, …)
HPC access and storage capacities (decoding of the human genome, …)