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Manufacturing of rolling stock structure components
  • Stretch forming of car body panels
  • Friction stir spot welding of car body parts
  • Influence of welding on distortions, residual stresses and joint properties (car body, bogie, etc.)
  • Hot forming of complex and large-size components 
  • Influence of machining on large parts 
  • Influence of welding on crack propagation in large-size components 
  • Explosive welding on sandwich structures
  • Heat treatments of bulk parts
Structural design analysis and optimization
  • All types of simulations: linear and non-linear static, dynamic (impact, crash, vibration), multi-physics (thermal-mechanical, thermal-chemical-mechanical)
  • Structural design and assessment of fastened, riveted and adhesively bonded structures, including stiffened panels, sandwich panels, chassis elements, etc. following international or European standards (eg Eurocode) 
  • Test structures and test samples / technical demonstrators
Cost performance tradeoffs
  • Individual cost model for single part (stiffener, panel, fittings, assembly mode, material, etc.)
  • Global cost model for generic multi-body assembly
Process design, modeling and simulation for composite parts
  • Thermal and chemical shrinkage of parts from both closed and open mold processing routes
  • Thermal – mechanical simulation and optimization of molds (heating power, thermal map, etc.)
  • Mold compensation & experimental characterization
  • Prediction of the local fibre architecture / fibre orientation, volume fraction from simulations of manufacturing (draping, braiding, etc.)
  • Global simulation of machining (hole drilling, trimming, …) of composite parts, prediction of the final shape, characterization of local delamination and experimental validation
Structural integrity and damage tolerance analysis
  • Analysis of the overall load carrying capacity in the presence of static cracks
  • Assessment of defects and cracks in welds
  • Fatigue crack propagation / prediction of the service life of metallic structures 
  • Failure analysis of composite structures (ply failure, delamination) under static and/or dynamic loading, coupled or not with thermal stress, as part of the structural integrity assessment
Large scale structural analysis on HPC infrastructure
  • Up to 50MDOFS FE simulations with material and geometrical non-linearities, macro-elements, bushings, contacts, volume elements, composite shells & volumic shells, for a complete one-shot analysis of a full wagon

CFD-based analysis

  • External aerodynamics on large & complex structures
  • Aeroacoustics analysis and noise attenuation (external design, HVAC sytems, ...)
  • Fluid-structure interaction analysis based on fully-coupled methods
  • Aero-thermal analysis (heat dissipation, ...)
  • Multi-disciplinary shape optimization