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Manufacturing of automotive structure components
  • Stretch forming of car body panels
  • Friction stir spot welding of car body parts
  • Influence of welding on distortions, residual stresses and joint properties
  • Hot forming of complex and large-size components 
  • Machining of large engine parts and influence on distortions
  • Influence of welding on crack propagation in engine components 
  • Heat treatments of bulk parts
Structural design analysis and optimization
  • All types of simulations: linear and non-linear static, dynamic (impact, crash, vibration), multi-physics (thermal-mechanical, thermal-chemical-mechanical)
  • Structural design and assessment of fastened, riveted and adhesively bonded structures, including stiffened panels, sandwich panels, chassis elements, etc.
  • Test structures and test samples / technical demonstrators
Materials selection, constitutive & damage modeling and optimization
  • Derivation of constitutive models and parameters identification by inverse analysis 
  • Particles, short fibres or continuous fibres reinforced materials (including MMCs)
  • Multi-phase alloys: Cast Iron, Duplex Steels, Dual Phase Steels, multiphase TRIP Steels
  • Derivation and implementation of damage models for bulk materials (Continuum Damage Mechanics, porous plasticity) and for adhesive joints (Cohesive Zone)
Cost performance tradeoffs
  • Individual cost model for single part 
  • Global cost model for generic multi-body assembly
Process design, modeling and simulation for composite car body parts
  • Thermal and chemical shrinkage of parts 
  • Thermal – mechanical simulation and optimization of molds (heating power, thermal map, etc.)
  • Mold compensation & experimental characterization
  • Prediction of the local fibre architecture / fibre orientation, volume fraction from simulations of manufacturing (injection molding, draping, braiding, etc.)
  • Global simulation of machining (hole drilling, trimming, …) of composite parts, prediction of the final shape, characterization of local material degradation and experimental validation
Structural integrity and damage tolerance analysis of engine components
  • Analysis of the overall load carrying capacity in the presence of manufacturing defects
  • Fatigue crack propagation / prediction of the service life of metallic structures 
  • Failure analysis of composite structures (including MMCs) under static and/or dynamic loading, coupled or not with thermal stress, as part of the structural integrity assessment
Large scale structural analysis on HPC infrastructure
  • Up to 50MDOFS FE simulations with material and geometrical non-linearities, macro-elements, bushings, contacts, volume elements, composite shells & volumic shells

CFD-based analysis

  • External aerodynamics on large & complex structures
  • Aeroacoustics analysis and noise attenuation (external design, HVAC sytems, ...)
  • Fluid-structure interaction analysis based on fully-coupled methods
  • Aero-thermal analysis (heat dissipation, ...)
  • Multi-disciplinary shape optimization