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Thanks to a Walloon investment of 4.3 M€ added to a previous ERDF investment, Cenaero operates since the beginning of 2014 a Tier-1 supercomputer (ranked 300 in the Top500, see https://tier1.cenaero.be) with 11 500 computing cores. This enables the research center to reinforce its position in high performance computing and numerical simulation.

This supercomputer, the most powerful in Belgium, will allow more than 500 researchers of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, to develop their projects in numerical simulation. Access to the supercomputer, coordinated by the academic research Consortium for Supercomputing facilities (CÉCI), is a required step for the use of the world most powerful infrastructures referred to as Tier-0. The latter are grouped in Europe within the PRACE organization (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe) of which Belgium is one of the last associate member.

The supercomputer will also be used for the benefits of applied and industrial research; first, through projects of research centers, as Cenaero, supporting Walloon companies in their development of innovative products and services and, second, through the direct use of these computing resources for industrial applications of regional actors.

The supercomputer in the press: