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A new generation manufacturing simulation software


The use of simulation software is today an essential part of the design cycle since it increases company profits by significantly reducing time to market. Virtual prototyping provides engineers with the ability to establish fundamentals of a new project before building prototypes, and allows the economic assessment of the what if scenario.
In order to fit to this new trend, Cenaero decided in 2004 to develop from scratch a new generation manufacturing software, Morfeo (Manufacturing Oriented Finite Element tOol). The ambition is to make of Morfeo the reference in simulation of welding and machining processes for large size components and within a reasonable computation time. Thus, the idea of founding the start-up geonX germinated. Cenaero continues to provide services on manufacturing simulation.

geonX develops now robust and powerful software packages to support manufacturing engineers in their daily design duties. From the design office to the factory, VirFac powered by Morfeo, provides an accurate, powerful and industrial platform of virtual manufacturing. Making of virtual manufacturing a reality is the mission of geonX.

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