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EU Projects

Cenaero is currently involved in 19 running FP7 projects.

BOPACSBOPACSBoltless assembling Of Primary Aerospace Composite StructuresDetailed analysis of disbond stopping design features :
- thermoplastic layer,
- adhesive patterning concept
Modelling of failure of a reference specimen using a damage to fracture transition approach with the help of the XFE method Study of the effect of process variability / effect of defects / effect of residual stress
Manufacturing of D-level sample for reference configuration and one crack stopping feature
CERFACCost Effective Reinforcement of Fasteners Areas in CompositesProject coordinator, leader of two work packages
Cost identification & modelling , performance assessment Modeling and simulation activities (design with low fidelity FE simulations - AJ, 3D simulations at coupon level - AJ, modeling of resistive heating of TP bonds - AJ, optimization of compression moulded patches - BS,CL)
Manufacturing and machining (optimal drilling of fastener holes) of coupons incorporating new generation 3D-woven reinforcements 
CHATTCryogenic Hypersonic Advanced Tank TechnologiesTrade-off studies for the design optimization of advanced multi-lobe cryogenic tanks based on high-fidelity CAE and preliminary 1D sizing tools.
Leader of work package: Sloshing simulations.
E-BREAKE-BREAKEngine Breakthrough components and subsystemsAnalysis of the different axial slot configurations
Effect of the distorsion on one configuration with a casing treatment
ERICKAEngine Representative Internal Cooling Knowledge and Applications Aero-thermal simulation and design optimization of HP and LP turbine cooling systems (in both stationary and rotating framework)
ESPOSAEfficient Systems and Propulsion for Small Aircraft Aero-mechanical design of the BE2 engine centrifugal compressor (including inlet and diffuser)
Unsteady aero-thermal  simulations of the cooled turbine blades taking into account the inlet distortions coming from the combustor
Aerodynamic design of the external nacelle - Aero-acoustic assessment of the wing/nacelle/pusher propeller configuration - Investigation of installation effects
Aero-thermal design of the exhaust system 
EVOLUTIONEVOLUTIONThe Electric Vehicle revOLUTION enabled by advanced materials highly hybridized into lightweight components for easy integration and dismantling providing a reduced life cycle cost logic - performing a preliminary design of the full side door demonstration
- performing a detailed design analysis under various loading conditions after the above preliminary design will have been reviewed by USFD for manufacturing purposes
H2IGCCLow Emission Gas Turbine Technology for Hydrogen-rich SyngasThermal analysis of a high pressure turbine operated with H2-rich syngas (issued from the H2-IGCC project): estimating the thermal loads of film cooled vanes and blades by coupling high-fidelity tools.
HILDAHILDAHigh Integrity Low Distorsion Assembly Development of a numerical model to predict material and thermal flow during friction stir welding of Dstrong6 steel
Development of a thermo-mechanical cycle which will be used to compute microstructure evolution based on the dynamic recrystallization and phase transformation model
IDIHOMIndustrialization of High Order Methods - A Top-Down Approach Development of novel high-order schemes for the resolution of aerodynamic flows, aiming to provide high-resolution and predictive LES computations for industrial geometries.
INSISTIntegrating Numerical Simulation and Geometric Design Technology Development and implementation of next generation design/simulation methods using the so-called IsoGeometric Analysis
IPRODIntegrated Management of product heterogeous data Optimization applied to human oriented tasks : Development of optimization techniques searching for an optimal planning of the tasks subject to specified constraints like time, costs, and/or resources
LAPCAT IILong-Term Advanced Propulsion Concepts and Technologies II Engine-Airframe integration methodology: Minamo-COSAP coupling, optimization of the ATR cycle.
Detailed design of Mach 5 vehicle: A2 vehicle structure definition and aero-elastic calculations.
MAAXIMUSMore Affordable Aircraft structure through eXtended, Integrated, and Mature nUmerical Sizing Development of a multi-scale parallel solution scheme which is based on the FETI-2LM iterative technique and improvement of domain decomposition methods in order to execute efficiently on distributed SMP machines.
Demonstration of the capability of the developed methods by solving a number of large-scale non-linear benchmark problems. 
SARISTUSmart Intelligent Aircraft Structure Fuselage assembly integration:
Sizing of lower panel frames (incl. cross beam).
Analysis of the frames: strain prediction at each locations of strain measurement in the frames.
TOICAThermal Overall Integrated Conception of Aircraft - Methods for multi-level analysis - state-of- the-art
- Delivery of models library for use - automatic surrogate modeling approach.
ENOVALENOVALEngine Module ValidatorsCENAERO will develop a new methodology to assess flutter stability analysis and apply it to the high speed booster.
HeatSculptorHeatSculptorNovel Electron Beam Surface Sculpting for Efficient Heat Exchange- Design guidelines for initial surfaces available
- Definition of the computational strategy and description of the computational chain
- Optimized surfaces for scenarios proposed
FiPSDeveloping Hardware and Design Methodologies for Heterogeneous Low Power Field ProgrammableServersThe aim is to help to port and test our code on experimental parallel computer architectures based on non-CPU processors (programmable industrial processors such as FPGA, graphical (GPU), using dedicated programming languages and enviroments. Both of these (architectures and environments) are being developed during the project by the principal partners (all of them in informatics research centres). We were invited due to our presence in prace projects.
Cenaero is also currently involved in 1 running FP6 project.
NICETRIPNovel Innovative Competitive Effective Tilt Rotor Integrated Project Shape optimisation of the engine inlet duct and the wing/fuselage integration/interaction
Past FP6 and FP7 projects in which Cenaero was involved. Cenaero also coordinated the DEEPWELD and the ADVICE projects:
ADIGMACFD methods Implementation and simplification of a discretization for the viscous terms.
Comparative study between full quadrature & simplified implementation. Implementation of the Spalart-Allmaras turbulence model.
ADVICEStructural Health Monitoring Coordinator.
VDC strategy, analysis and improvement of the structural integrity of the VDC unit.
Structural analysis & prediction of the damage evolution in the structures, prediction of the damage signature & index, optimisation of the position of the VDCus, novelty detection, pattern recognition, “damage index” definition and calculation.
CESARSmall commercial aircrats Aerodynamic design:  
Airfoil sections and 3D wing optimisation for multiple operating conditions.
Small centrifugal compressor: optimisation of the air inlet system in order to ensure ultra compact design and high quality of airflow.
Design concept integration & validation: participation in the development of an integrated simulation, design and multi-disciplinary optimisation environment. 
DATAFORMAerospace manufacturing Multipoint forming technology assessment & target applications.
Deformation mechanism of multipoint forming technology.
Integrated design of the tooling prototype and development of CAD/CAE/CAT software -  Integration of the developed adjustable multipoint tooling.
DEEPWELDFSW modeling Management of the whole project aimed at developing a multi-physics multi-scale numerical tool for simulating the FSW process, to obtain accurate predictions of residual stresses, weld properties and tool loads.
Coordination of the multi-physics tool development WP and development of the CSM/CFD coupling.
DREAMvaliDation of Radical Engine Architecture systeMs Aero-meca-acoustic optimization of a direct drive Contra-Rotating Open Rotor
Aero-mechanical design optimization of a booster stage within
ELUBSYSEngine LUBrication SYStem technologies Development of a high-resolution free-surface CFD code for the computation of the flow inside various components of the lubrication chain (pump, de-aerator, injector).  In particular transient conditions during start-up and idling are envisaged. The main aim is to verify the new design parameters, such as larger pipe diameters, larger air-oil fraction.
FAR WAKEAircraft wake turbulence Hybrid RANS-LES calculations on the interaction of vortices and wakes. LES simulations of wake vortices in ground effect with and without cross-wind.
FAST 20XXFuture High Altitude High-Speed Transport 20XX (soon) Trade-off studies for the shape and trajectory optimization of the supersonic alpha vehicle (issued from the LAPCAT project):
minimizing the gross take-off weight and maximizing the time of flight during the ballistic phase.
IMACPROIndustrialization of Manufacturing Technologies for Composite Profiles for Aerospace Applications Design of frames and beams. Development of design concepts for fastenerless barrel assembly, simulation of sample structures (cargo frame, profiles for fastenerless assembly, closed fuselage frame)
LAPCATCritical propulsion technologies Study on Variable Cycle Engine (VCE) - Turbine Based Combined Cycles (TBCC): detailed design and optimisation of the air-intake including a thermo-mechanical and dynamic optimisation of the air-intake geometry for the whole mission
Contra-Rotating Compressor Study: multi-disciplinary (aerodynamic and mechanical) optimisation of the contra-rotating turbine
MUSCAStatic failure- numerical methods Improvement in pre-processing, load balancing and parallel data structuring of a parallel solver based on the FETI method for non-linear analysis of large aircraft components.
NEWACAircraft engines improvement Tip flow control and advanced aero to improve the efficiency and the stall margin of the HPC: Identification and preliminary studies of innovative technologies.
Aero-mechanical design of the HPC blades/endwalls based on 3D CFD
multistage calculations with technological effects.
PRO-HIPPManufacturing processes for hydraulic cylinders Development of simulation tools based on the hierarchical FEM-XFEM approach for the fatigue life prediction of hydraulic cylinders and accumulators and to help designing microstructures of the materials used for these components. Development of a virtual manufacturing code for the improvement of the Laser welding process used for hydraulic cylinders and accumulators.
SYNCOMECSDesign of aeronautical compliant mechanical systems Optimisation of the cold drawing process in aluminium sheet forming: optimisation of the kinematics parameters of the machine tool, optimisation of the forming block geometry, minimisation of surface defects, application on industrial test-cases.
Improvement of turbine blades design by means of inverse analysis.
TATMOTurbomachinery CFD - real geometry effects Assessment of the impact of weld & roughness effects on the performance of highly loaded compressors through CFD simulations:
Choice of the turbulent model; Impact of weld; Impact of flow injection/bleeding.
TRIADEDevelopment of technology building blocks for structural health monitoring sensing devices in aeronautics Design of frames and beams.
Development of design concepts for fastenerless barrel assembly, simulation of sample structures (cargo frame, profiles for fastenerless assembly, closed fuselage frame).
VERDINew generation aircraft engine Development of a multi-physics simulation tool for Electron Beam Welding process - application on titanium and nickel sub-components. Development of a multiscale methodology for the modelling of the machining process
VIF-CAForging and forming processes Design and validation of benchmarks for the numerical modelling of forging and material characterisation
VITALLow-noise technologies for aircrafts Advanced aerodynamics technologies WP of the Booster SP:
Investigation of casing treatments effect on booster stability and to measure effectiveness of hub seals on leakage flows.
VIVACEDevelopment of advanced capabilities for the aircraft and engine sectors Participation to the European Cycle Program WP: adaptation and integration of Cenaero’s in-house optimisation software in the ECP simulation environment for the performance modelling and multidisciplinary optimisation of whole gas turbine engines; development and integration of zooming capabilities.