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BELGIUM - Senior Research Engineer in high resolution CFD methods for turbomachinery and aeronautic flows (Ref.: BE-JO-2019-001)

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Turbulence plays an important role in aeronautical applications. This is particularly the case in aircraft engines, where the transition from laminar to turbulent regime and the turbulence characteristics affects significantly the performance. The capability to understand, model and predict turbulent flows has a major economic and environmental impact.

Aerodynamic design relies nowadays heavily on numerical simulation. Based upon decades of engineering experience, Reynolds-Average Navier-Stokes (RANS) approaches can be reliably used in predicting performance in design operating conditions; however, it proves less proficient in predicting off-design performance. Recent developments in jet engine architecture, including a continuous increase in blade loading, three-dimensionality of the blade stacking and changes in speed regime further deteriorate the a priori reliability of current simulation practice.

Large Eddy Simulation (LES), achieves better physical fidelity by modeling only the smallest scales of turbulence, the largest one being directly resolved by the numerical methods. Although it is computationally much more costly, LES is progressively approaching industrial relevance thanks to the combined effect of increased availability of High-Performance Computing (HPC) resources and high-order numerical methods, that are significantly more efficient and reliable than traditional numerical schemes for such accuracy-demanding applications.

In collaboration with Safran, Cenaero is heavily involved in the development of high-resolution schemes targeted successively to perform fundamental studies in support of improving turbulence models; predict off-design conditions via few targeted computations; adaptive LES computations, complementing RANS in a multi-fidelity design tool chain.

Cenaero is looking for a talented Senior Research Engineer (M/F), motivated for the business and innovation development with key academic and industrial stakeholders.


The candidate will be contributing to the development of scale-resolving simulation techniques (DNS/LES) for turbomachinery in the high order code Argo. This involves the development of novel approaches in close collaboration with academia, followed by their industrialization, maintenance and support, up to the deployment to real-life cases in close collaboration with industry. He or she will take part in planning, coordinating and executing consultancy, research projects as well as large scale computational campaigns.

He or She will directly report to his/her team leader.


Candidates should:

  • Hold a PhD degree in Aerospace or Mechanical Engineering, Applied Mathematics or related disciplines
  • Have a large experience in:
    • scale resolving simulations (DNS/LES) and physics of (compressible) turbulent flows 
    • practical and theoretical development of simulation tools, by preference high order finite elements 
    • high performance computing (~ 10.000 cores and above)
  • Have affinities with aeronautical flows and in particular turbomachinery
  • Be a team player yet have a proactive and autonomous attitude.

  • Experience with shared memory parallelization for manycore CPU or GPU is considered an important asset;
  • A broad interest in simulation as well as optimization techniques, reduced order modeling …  is desired. Any relevant experience in data analytics and statistics is a clear asset.


Cenaero offers a position in growing and leading technological sectors, a direct relationship with their business actors and technical experts, a competitive salary package and a stimulating and dynamic work environment.


Interested candidates should send a cover letter, quoting reference number of the offer, and a resume to rh@cenaero.be

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