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BELGIUM - Research engineer in High Order Method for CFD (Ref.: BE-JO-2018-001)


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Cenaero is developing a multi-physics solver based on the Discontinuous Galerkin Method, Argo. One of the main topics  application  is Large Eddy Simulation (LES)  aerospace applications, and in particular  turbomachinery and wing flows as well as atmospheric reentry. DGM combines high simulation accuracy on unstructured meshes, to to high computational efficiency and strong scalability and is therefore identified by Cenaero and its industrial partners as an enabling technology for practical LES. Cenaero occupies a prominent position in the research in this field, resulting in the participation in numerous research projects and the obtainment of computational grants within PRACE and INCITE.


The  selected candidate will contribute to fundamental model and algorithm developments in the field of LES, adaptive high order DGM, high performance computing and potentially reacting flows and aero-acoustics.. He/She will also participate actively in collaborative research with partner research institutes, consultancy studies for industry and be involved in large-scale computational projects.  He/She will report to the Project Manager or to the Team Leader.


Candidates should:
  • Hold a PhD degree or doctoral degree applied to scale-resolving CFD simulations or High Order Methods;
  • Have experience with large scale high performance computing and programming in C++/MPI/OpenMP;
  • Have a sound background in numerical analysis, expertise in acoustics constitutes an important asset;
  • Have experience in collaborative software development and be willing to adhere to industrial quality procedures;
  • Have good communication skills (written and spoken) and be fluent in English and/or in French;
  • Be a team player and have a proactive attitude.


Cenaero offers a position in growing and leading technological sectors, a direct relationship with their business actors and technical experts, a competitive salary package and a stimulating and dynamic work environment.


Interested candidates should send a cover letter, quoting reference number of the offer, and a resume to rh@cenaero.be.

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