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Multi-disciplinary optimization

Core Expertise
Primarily built around the development of Minamo, Cenaero’s in-house optimization software, the expertise of the Multi-Disciplinary Optimization group gained industrial credibility in the field of turbomachinery. Now recognized as an official R&D partner of the SAFRAN group for Multi-Disciplinary Optimization, Cenaero has proven its ability to successfully complete complex design optimizations in challenging business environments.
The group’s expertise includes the development of innovative and fast optimization algorithms, incorporated in Minamo. Minamo also provides a direct and native access to CAD geometries, allowing robust and effective shape optimization for complex parts. Minamo is successfully applied in numerous applications in the Automotive and Aerospace sectors.
Major Orientations
The activities of the numerical methods and multidisciplinary optimization group grow around a principal objective:
  • Development and application of Cenaero’s in-house optimization platform Minamo, implementing meta-model accelerated single and multiple objective genetic algorithms.
Shape parametrization, direct native CAD access and automatic meshing tools are continuously developed and enriched in order to support Minamo in solving increasingly challenging multi-disciplinary problems. In this respect, emphasis is set on client-server implementation of CAPRI based automatic bi-directionnal CAD interface.
Starting a new phase in terms of applications, the optimization platform is now applied to more and more complex large-scale multi-disciplinary industrial problems.
A series of consulting projects have been successfully conducted with Minamo, including aerodynamic, mechanical and aero-mechanical optimizations of turbomachinery blades with the handling of the complete multi-stage environment or with the handling of composite blades, identification of material laws parameters, identification of CAD model parameters on an unstructured target mesh for the automotive industry, techno-economical optimization of a composite door.
In 2006, the group has successfully integrated the VITAL, NEWAC, CESAR and NICE-TRIP EU projects, which takes up to 7 the number of European research projects of the 6th Framework Program in which the group is actively taking part. In the frame of these projects, the challenging and varied contributions of the optimization group range from the blade shape optimization of the 4-row Helium turbine of a pre-cooled turbine based combined cycle engine in the LAPCAT project, to the optimization of high pressure compressor blades in presence of technological effects in the NEWAC project, or the application of the enhanced FETI method to parallelize full industrial test cases involving large part of airplane fuselage in the MUSCA project.
Future work
As a first prospect, the further development of expertise in new challenging industrial multi-disciplinary applications (e.g. taking into account acoustic predictions in order to target reduction of the noise radiation of an aero-engine, including manufacturing and economical aspects, handling more complex composite structures, handling technological effects in turbomachinery applications such as casing treatments or 3D platforms,…) will remain at the core of the group activities.
Another essential objective will be the development and assessment of robust design capabilities, which requires the implementation of a series of additional pre and post functionalities to complement the Minamo optimization platform: a.o. sensitivity analysis tools, other variants of second generation multi-objective genetic algorithms, data mining capabilities, … Emphasis will also be set on the development of continuous monitoring (quality of the Response Surface Model, constraints activity, …) and steering of the multidisciplinary optimization process.