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R&D topics

The 4 major research themes of Cenaero are:

Virtual Manufacturing: focus on the multi-scale simulations of industrial processes like machining, welding or heat treatments. The industrial added-value is the prediction of process deformation and residual stresses. 

    Materials and structures: the main research domains are i) fracture mechanics, with a particular emphasis on 3-D crack propagation techniques using XFEM and level sets, ii) design, analysis, modeling and optimization of composite structures and adhesively bonded structures, iii) high performance, massively parallel, adaptative computing applied to structural analysis, iv) simulation of damage detection and structural health monitoring.

      Fluid mechanics: despite the industrial success of CFD, a few major challenges remain like the handling (meshing and computation) of complex geometries and the modeling of complex physics (e.g. turbulence) or multi-physics (aero-acoustics, fluid-structure interaction, etc).

        Multi-disciplinary optimization: this group develops and uses smart genetic algorithms accelerated with dedicated meta-models to solve complex multi-objective optimization problems in multi-disciplinary industrial environments.