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Participation of Cenaero to the IPANEMA Research Project

Since June 2017, Cenaero coordinates the IPANEMA (Inertial Particle separator Numerical and ExperiMental Assessment) project. This project was awarded during the 4th call for proposals in the CleanSky 2 framework, on the  topic "Experimental & Numerical Analysis Dedicated to FOD Management for Turboprop Air Intake" led by Safran Helicopter Engines. The project will last for 4 years and represents a total budget of 800kEuro.

Together with the von Karman Institute for fluid dynamics, Cenaero will work on understanding and improving particle separation efficiency of turboprop intakes. One of the main activities is the development of detailed and accurate numerical and experimental tools for this complex multiphase flow, including detailed LES and PIV/PTV. An important advantage is the concurrent development of both approaches, which will lead to an important cross-fertilization and a comprehensive understanding. Although simplified geometries will be used for their elaboration, the methods will be applied to a real intake as they become available in order to assess and improve the efficiency of the current design. In addition, the detailed validation results on the simplified geometries will be made publicly available for future method development.

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