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30 mio core hours awarded on JuQueen for LES of the NACA4412 airfoil using ArgoDGM with the PRACE 14th call


The R2Wall project aims at performing high resolution Large-Eddy Simulations (LES) of the NACA 4412 airfoil at maximum lift angle and at a Reynolds number of 1.6 millions. The aim is to provide open-access detailed and high resolution reference data set for the development of lower fidelity CFD methodologies, and in particular (non-equilibrium) wall models for LES. This work inscribes itself in the development roadmap of the solver Argo for LES of wind turbines and turbomachinery.

The computational resources are attributed by PRACE on the BlueGene/Q system JuQueen at the Jülich Supercomputing Centre, hereby both gratefully acknowledged. Information on the 14th call can be found at http://www.prace-ri.eu/prace-14th-call-proposals-shows-magnitude-prace-2.

For questions about the project and suggestions for the computational instrumentation, please contact  the project PI Koen Hillewaert (koen.hillewaert[at]cenaero.be). The team further includes Ariane Frère and Michel Rasquin.

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