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Cenaero at Eccomas Congress, Creta, Greece


With 7 papers and a keynote lecture, Cenaero researchers have presented their works in high order CFD methods, probabilistic fracture mechanics and optimization during the Eccomas congress in Creta. The congress has been held from June 6 to 10, 2016.

The papers presented were:

  • “Summary and conclusions of the computational challenge test cases”, K. Hillewaert, T. Leicht
  • “ Numerical model for thermal analysis of laser based additive manufacturing processes”, A.Francois, E. Wyart
  • “Reliability analysis in fracture mechanics according to combined failure criteria”, R. Chocat, P. Beaucaire, L. Debeugny ,J.-P. Lefebvre, C. Sainvitu, P. Breitkopf, E. Wyart
  • “Ten years of industrial applications with the extended finite element method”, E. Wyart, B. Dompierre, O. Pierard, L. Debeugny, D. Soria
  • “Multi-fidelity extension to non-intrusive proper orthogonal decomposition based surrogates”, T. Benamara, P. Breitkopf, I. Lepot, C. Sainvitu
  • “A multiple reference-frame formulation for the discontinuous galerkin method”, J.-S. Cagnone, K. Hillewaert
  • “Development of a discontinuous galerkin method solver for scale-resolving simulations”, K. Hillewaert, J.-S. Cagnone, A. Frère, M. Rasquin, Z. Zeren
  • “Wall model for discontinuous galerkin implicit large-eddy simulations”, A. Frère, K. Hillewaert, P. Chatelain, G. Winckelmans

For more information : https://www.eccomas2016.org/.

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