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The achievements by Cenaero within the PRACE two-year project PAdDLES are quoted on the Gauss Supercomputing Center website


The achievements of the Argo team within the PadDLES project are highlighted on the Gauss Supercomputing center website. Within this project a total of 40 million core hours was granted by Cenaero on the BlueGene/Q machine JUQUEEN at the Jülich SuperComputing Centre, one of the most powerful HPC systems in Europe. The aim of PAdDLES is the assessment of variable order discretisations for very large scale and high resolution Large Eddy Simulations in industrial geometries. To read the article: http://www.gauss-centre.eu/gauss-centre/EN/Projects/ScientificEngineering/2014/hillewaert_paddles.html;jsessionid=F70C7D8F29BF80F0BAF007E07C9245E1?nn=1345710


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