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Cenaero is purchasing an RTM press

In the frame of the CILAB project, Cenaero is purchasing an RTM press (Resin Transfer Moulding), to be able to inject medium-scale composite parts with a pressure up to 7 bars.

This equipment is being purchased through a public tender which was published under the number 507909 in the "Bulletin des Adjudications" number 86, and in the "Journal Officiel de l'Union Européenne" under the number 125392-2014 issued on April 12th 2014.

The specifications of the tender can be found below.

The equipment is expected to be delivered by February 2015 at the latest.

For more information, please contact Benoît Wucher (benoit.wucher@cenaero.be / +32 71 910 969).

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