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Cenaero is pleased to announce the release 1.7 of its Manufacturing Oriented Finite Element Tool (Morfeo)

This new version includes significant improvements for simulation of various manufacturing processes, including friction welding, fusion welding, machining and crack propagation analysis.

Among the major enhancements, one can cite:
- Extended welding heat source shape definition
- Coupling material laws with a metallurgy module
- Application of Neumann-type boundary conditions (e.g: forces) along machining paths
- Additional crack propagation laws
- Extension to elasto-plastic fracture mechanics
- Multiple crack definition within a single problem

More general developments also include various performance improvements, new material laws and geometrical second-order finite elements. This release also includes an updated version of the Abaqus plug-in for Morfeo/Crack.

For additional information, feel free to contact laurent.dalvise@cenaero.be and ask for the release note and the extended features list.

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