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The third Newsletter of the SIMBA project is now available!


The third Newsletter, written by the SIMBA project partners and managed by the CSTC, is now available. Please download it here or from the SIMBA project website

The SIMBA project (FEDER 2009-2013), which responds to a demand coming from the industry, aims at developing skills and advanced simulation methodologies for the construction sector using the expertise acquired and developed by Cenaero in the aeronautic field, with the support of partners specialized in the construction sector. 

More information about the project, including a short description of the involved partners, can be found in the Newsletter. 

This Newsletter publication, announced in the « CSTC-mail » list and the « CSTC-Contact » journal, focuses on a brief result of the survey held during the last months and still opened, on a software evaluation method for an efficient use of these software and on the test facilities offered by the CSTC windhouse. 

The next Newsletter is planned for the end of the year. 

For additional information, please contact cecile.goffaux AT cenaero.be

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