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Pollutant dispersion and destruction by specific coating: a prospective study for AMLR in the frame of the SIMBA project


An important part of the SIMBA project is dedicated to the numerical and experimental investigations of wind effects on bridges, towers, isolated buildings and urban area. The idea is to set-up a service offer, including numerical and experimental facilities, in order to both help the architects, town planning and engineering bureaus to design wind-exposed civil infrastructures, and to ensure the safety and the comfort in urban area.

In collaboration with AMLR, Cenaero has successfully performed a numerical investigation of the pollutant dispersion around an isolated building and its destruction by specific coatings on the building. The objective was to assess the ability of the coating to efficiently reduce the pollutant concentration for a better pedestrian comfort. Effects such as wind speed, solar exposure and chemical coating efficiency was investigated. A Design of Experience was successfully performed using the multi-objective optimization platform of Cenaero, Minamo, so as to extract the most important features acting on the pollution reduction.

Additional investigations on a rank of streets and an urban zone are already planned within the next year.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information (cecile.goffaux AT cenaero.be).  More information about the project, including a short description of the involved partners, can be found in the SIMBA project website (www.project-simba.eu).

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