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Hea-Pv6 and Hea-Tv1 are now available !


Cenaero is pleased to announce the release 6 of its software Hea-P and the first release of its new Hea-T module.

This new Hea-P version has been developed to allow the coupling between the macroscopic thermo-hydraulic model of Hea-Pv5 and the microscopic heat exchange estimation provided by the Hea-T module. Based on the work of Stephan and Busse, this module investigates the heat exchanges across the contact lines in the grooves of the evaporation and condensation zones.  Hea-P becomes now consistent in terms of coupled thermal and hydraulic characterizations, on both macroscopic and microscopic scales. Hea-P is now an experimentally-independent tool, keeping of course the possibility to achieve reverse analysis through the graphical user interface.

For an exhaustive description of the new Hea-P capabilities, please have a look on the dedicated page or contact us.

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