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Morfeo v1.3 is now available !


Cenaero is pleased to announce the release 1.3 of its Manufacturing ORiented Finite Element tOol (Morfeo).


This new version includes the addition of several welding dedicated boundary conditions, significant performance improvements for machining applications, move to a new mesh database library with more efficient remeshing algorithms, numerous simplifications in the setup of the problem and of the input file, parallel-specific improvements, etc.


Morfeo is now also available for shared-memory parallel computations (e.g.: on dual-core laptops) on both Linux 32 bits, Linux 64 bits, Windows 32 bits and Windows 64 bits platforms.  Distributed-memory parallel computations are available for Linux-type clusters.


And last but not least, Morfeo comes for the first time with its dedicated Graphical User Interface which strongly eases the setup of a manufacturing model.


For an exhaustive description of new features and modifications with respect to the previous release, please have a look at our release note.

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