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Official kick-off meeting of the CILAB project planned for September


The official kick-off meeting of the CILAB - Composite Innovation LAB project (FEDER 2007-2013) is planned for September 2009.


CILAB is a 4 years / 5 M€ project dedicated to innovation in the field of composite materials and structures including research, development and improvement of manufacturing processes (eg. liquid resin infusion, vacuum assisted processes, hybrid composites - continuous fibres and short fibres - with thermoplastic matrices, braided structures, ...), materials (eg. bio-composites), non destructive inspection techniques (eg. ultrasonic testing, infrared thermography, terahertz imagery, ...), machining (high performance 5 axes machining centre), simulation (modeling and simulation of structures and processes).


It involves 5 Research Centers: Cenaero (project leader), Celabor, Centexbel, Multitel and Sirris.


For additional information, contact frederic.lani AT cenaero.be.

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