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Signature of a cooperation agreement between Onera (F) and Cenaero (B)

*** Press Release ***
Gosselies, November 13th, 2008.
Cenaero is pleased to announce the official signature on November 12th, 2008 of a cooperation agreement between the French Aerospace Research Organization Onera and Cenaero, Recognized Research Centre of the Walloon Region developing tools and methodologies in simulation for Aeronautics. 
This agreement is focused on the development of the software elsA.  The agreement, with initial validity of 3 years, states basically that Cenaero will have the opportunity - in tight collaboration with Onera- to develop axial turbomachinery features in elsA in the scope of Cenaero's activities with partners like Techspace Aero in Belgium and Snecma in France.
Since March 7th 2007, Cenaero became officially a trusted R&D partner of the Safran Group.  In this context, Cenaero performs industrial aerodynamic and aero-mechanical optimizations for different parts of aircraft engines using elsA.  To reach its objectives, Cenaero can count on modern HPC center equipped with 2000 computing cores, ad hoc optimization software developed by Cenaero engineers - Minamo, but also the impressive know-how and valuable experience of Cenaero's engineers. 
Cenaero is also deeply involved and prooved added-value in mechanical projects as well, starting from virtual manufacturing and ranging up to complex fracture mechanics problems solved by Morfeo, the non-linear FEM solver developed by Cenaero

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