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Cenaero joins the European Turbine Network


Cenaero is proud to announce its participation as a new member of the European Turbine Network – ETN. ETN is a non-profit organisation established in January 2005. The creation of ETN is the result of a EU-funded project under the 5th Framework Programme, Centres of Excellence for Industrial Gas Turbine (CE-IGT). The project conducted a wide ranging survey in the gas turbine community about existing gaps in the gas turbine technologies. As a result of the survey, stakeholders including research institutes, users and service providers had decided to join force and address the technology gaps identified.

ETN represents gas turbine technology for power generation, mechanical drive and marine applications. It defines common strategy in research & development and composes of four Working Groups, each of which has its priority research areas.

Besides facilitating and coordinating research effort of different parties, bringing together key stakeholders in the gas turbine community also presents an extensive networking opportunity and a forum for exchange of knowledge and experiences.

More details about ETN can be found on the ETN website.

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